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ICD-10 Code Set Updates

Every year, ICD-10 updates occur on Oct. 1st. This year includes the following changes to ICD-10-CM:

  • 363 new codes
  • 142 deletions
  • 226 code revisions

Only a few New ICD-10 Codes are likely to affect Chiropractors for 2018

Spondylopathies (M45-M49)               

M48.06 Spinal stenosis, lumbar region  (deleted)

  • M48.061 Spinal stenosis, lumbar region without neurogenic claudication

                Spinal stenosis, lumbar region NOS

  • M48.062 Spinal stenosis, lumbar region with neurogenic claudication

Also, Preventive medicine counseling for exercise will have a unique code, Z71.82

Remember – new codes are only to be used for services RENDERED on Oct. 1, 2017 or later – not by submission date.

Click Here for a list of all the changes for 2018.

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